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11 months ago @ 2:20AM

VA Athletic Fees, Paperwork & Meeting


Parents/Guardians of Student-Athletes:

The athletic fee for student-athletes that are participating in a fall sport are now available on This is the same way you would pay for hot lunches or field trips. Please only pay the fee, once you are certain that your son or daughter has been selected for a team and wishes to participate. 

The fees are outlined in the handbook, as follows:

HS First Sport = $135 for first sport; $95 for each additional sport.

MS First Sport = $105 for first sport; $75 for each additional sport.

*Reduced fee for those that qualify, verified and receive free/reduced lunch.

These fees should be pay prior to your student-athletes being eligible to dress out for their first competition/game/race. Please know if you have financial difficulties and need to set up a plan, that you can contact me directly at

Failure to pay the fee or speak with me directly about payment strategies will result in your son or daughter not being eligible to dress for their games/contest/races.

1. Please visit the following site:
2. On the left side, click “Create New Account”
3. Enter the information needed including the school code: 375VASNC
4. Create your password and get logged in.
5. You will find sports in the dashboard and will be able to register your student-athlete and pay the fee from the site.

MS Parents/Guardians remember that we must have a hard copy of the concussion agreement, signed and initial by parents and athletes as well as a physical less than 365 days old, while the other paperwork to make us compliant to State Laws and NCHSAA rules can be completed online using the information provided below.

Parents can access the (digital system) site >

Physical Form (page 1 signed by parent/student and page 2 signed by physician):

Concussion Form (read/initialed/signed by student and parent):

If at any time you need assistance with online forms, call the FormReleaf Support line at 1-844-367-6735.

If you have questions regarding paper forms, contact Deuce Harris or Nate Rice

Lastly, yet maybe most important, we have a proud athletic department. We field 31 teams, with 68 coaches and had over 422 students participate in at least one sport last year. However our athletic department is funded solely through sponsorships, athletic fees, gates/concessions and fundraisers. Simply we need your help. Next week, kicks off a major fund raiser for the athletic department, bringing in an average of $50,000 for our programs, please have your students sell as many books as possible. If used 3 times they pay for themselves.

We have books for Durham, Raleigh, the Triad, so please help continue to use athletics as an extension of the classroom by supporting this fundraiser. There are a lot of neat prizes involved, and it helps us tremendously. Please keep an eye out for the go play save fundraiser, and get involved. Each year we have over $5400 to provided coaching supplements, officials, venue rentals and equipment for each team.

The fundamental objective of the athletic department is to inspire, empower and legitimize the dreams of all our student-athletes. This requires the work of dedicated, quality coaches, officials, game and practice facilities and those are the basics.

High School Student-Athletes: All those wishing to participate in sports at Voyager Academy for the High School will have a meeting with me and the coaches on campus on Monday, August 14 during lunch. This is a change from the originally scheduled day of Friday, August 11. 



Voyager Academy Athletics now has a new way to raise money. With the Harris teeter VIC Card, type in the account number 3284 and the Voyager Academy Athletic program will receive a percentage of the purchases.


We would like to thank the following Voyager Academy Athletic Department sponsors for renewing their sponsorship for the 2017-2018 school year. 



Together We are Viking Strong,

Deuce Harris
Athletic Director

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