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Voyager Athletics

Voyager Academy

Voyager Athletics

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Game Summaries & Headlines.

Game Summary

1 year ago

CoEd Middle School Cross Country vs. Vance Charter School

Game Date
Sep 25, 2018

The weather was cool yesterday, but the voyager cross country team was on fire.


The girls won their race handily. Top five runners were:

Liz Lalor, who came in first,

Kate Bakelaar, who came in second,

Dakota Tivnan, who came in third,

Eloise Leonard, who came in fifth, and 

Elizabeth Bunn, who came in tenth.


The boys also won their race! Voyager had six runners in the top ten:

Cade Curtis, who came in first,

Glenn Stiles, whose sprint finish earned him fourth place,

Parker Hinshaw, who came in sixth, 

Luke Kukawa, who came in eighth, 

KJ Davis, who came in ninth, and

Langdon Redford, who came in tenth.


Great job runners!

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